Greg Karimzedah, EMV UK |

Based in our London office, Greg is the Academy’s senior UK representative covering EMV chip and pin technologies as well as mobile payments and transaction processing.  Working closely with our New York HQ, Greg helps identify the growing needs of UK payments companies and professionals with a focus on EMV chip and pin, mobile NFC and emerging payments technologies.

Gregg is a key stakeholder in development partner affiliate programs and a major contributor to the academy’s growing curriculum.

Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh | Managing Director & CTO

Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh applies nearly 25 years of experience to his leadership role. His background includes payment and transaction processing systems in the financial industry, an in-depth understanding of how to create new businesses and drive demand for emerging products and technologies. He has been instrumental in implementing many large card and payment processing projects worldwide specializing in smart cards and EMV systems – including projects in the UK, Canada, USA, Latin America, Middle East and Australia. He served as a Board member of Global Platform and Chair of its Marketing Center.

He previously managed a smart card consultancy and software company that was acquired by ACI Worldwide. At ACI he served as VP of Operations and Director of Smart Cards Unit. Mansour has also been involved in the smart card based healthcare card business in the USA.

He was recently elected to the EMV Migration Forum Steering Committee responsible for driving the EMV program in the USA.  He also serves in the EMV F Debit Network Sub Committee.

Stewart Chalmers | CEO

 Stewart Chalmers is Co-founder and CEO of SCIL-EMVAcademy. A veteran of the banking and payments technology industry,  Chalmers focuses on keeping the Academy’s curriculum current and meaningful staying ahead of technology and security developments that impact the fast changing payments and banking environment.  The academy’s in-depth curriculum offers payments professionals a one stop learning environment from introductory, to business cases to in depth technical workshops that prepare people and companies to succeed.   Besides keeping the curriculum current, Chalmers manages program development, strategic partnerships and marketing the organization.  He collaborates closely with U.S. and overseas banking and financial institutions and other stakeholders within the EMV,  mobile payments and secure transactions ecosystem.  Be it contact, contactless or Mobile for acquirers or issuers, Chalmers leverages the company’s veteran training staff, and proven EMV consultancy and training services, including its leading edge “EMV in a Box” software tools to help design a curriculum and that meets each customer’s payments requirements.  Chalmers has represented, marketed and grown a broad range of technology companies from start-ups and pre-IPOs to major global brands. For more information

Ennio Ponzetto | EMV Consultant, & Tech Editor, OnPoint! - EMV Payment News & Products

Based in Italy, Ennio Ponzetto serves as our EU EMV – Consultant for SCIL-EMV Academy.   Ennio has more than 30 years of experience managing leading payments technology companies in the United States and Europe. Prior to joining TAS Ennio was CEO of eCommlink, a leading US Prepaid Processor. Throughout his executive career, Mr. Ponzetto has directed the R&D, sales & marketing, and engineering efforts of numerous successful high tech companies. He was President of the Olivetti Advanced Technology Center in Cupertino, General Manger of I.C.S., developer of Olivetti Personal Computers and Servers, and of Compuprint-CPG International. As Managing Director and General Manager, he played a critical role in the strategic focusing of these companies’ technological vision to maximize revenue and expand market share.


Jan Dart | Customer EMV Training and Migration Consultant

Based in SCIL-EMV Academy,  UK office, Jan Dart has extensive experience covering payments architectures and processing experience. Payment products & services, business development, mobile banking payments strategy, business & product development, managing major projects deployments.

He is an expert in NFC and mobile services and runs the consultancy practice in payments, smartcards and mobile payments.

Kathy Lawton | Customer EMV Training and Migration Consultant

Kathy Lawton has over 15 years experience in the electronic payment business.  During her 12+ years experience as a Senior Vice President at JPMorganChase, she led the design and implementation of many electronic payment systems fully-integrated into the retail bank.  Major accomplishments include the first fully integrated Mondex smart card system, debit card systems, and online banking applications.

David Cole | Customer EMV Training and Migration Consultant

Based in the North London, UK office, David Cole has over twenty five years’ experience in cards, computing and management services. A native of the UK, he has excellent knowledge of applications in the credit, debit, loyalty and payment card industry. Over the last fifteen years he has been involved heavily in the emergence of smartcards and the EMV standards. His areas of expertise include project management, strategic technical and business investigation, business studies, fraud investigation, company investigations, marketing plans, business and financial plan preparation, market surveys, on-going technical review of Card and EFT systems, training and team management.

His experience has covered Card Launch, Loyalty applications, Online customer interfaces, Credit card account system development, EMV Smart Card developments in all market sectors, Secure Electronic Commerce and other related applications. In addition he has worked on ATM, Eftpos, Acquiring, Fraud Systems, Card Management, Billing Systems, ACH Clearing Systems and the International Payment systems. He has worked with Financial Institutions, Card Schemes, Processors, Retailers, Loyalty Providers, Travel Companies, Oil Companies and Telecommunications Providers. David provides a wealth of experience that he has acquired from delivering courses, seminars and workshops all over the world.

Lindsay Robertson | Customer EMV Training and Migration Consultant

Lindsay Robertson is a CxO level advisor specializing in (smart) cards and payments across the financial services and public sectors. Previously with PA Consulting, he advised the Department for Transport in the UK on the implementation of a nationally interoperable ticketing strategy, and delivered of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme. He has also worked with the Home Office on the UK’s Identity Card Programme, and developed an international growth strategy for the leading Scandinavian transaction processor.

Before consulting, Lindsay worked in the financial services industry, in banks and for related suppliers, in a range of roles including the set-up of new, and the re-organization of poorly performing, business units.  Lindsay has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.