The rise of EMV contactless payments has changed the way industries, companies and consumers transact.   Understanding EMV technology is critical to maximizing benefit. SCIL EMV•Academy™ workshops coupled with our consultancy services and EMV partner products offer our clients – issuers and acquirers – a roadmap for success.

Contactless Training

Technology and experience are two key factors for fully leveraging the contactless payment evolution. Creating the right tools, training and certifications to leverage all the benefits are equally important. At the SCIL EMV•Academy, we have implemented numerous contactless payment and mobile/NFC training workshops in Europe and North America. When you are ready to introduce a new contactless or mobile/NFC product, we will support you with the right tools, training and know-how to guarantee a seamless implementation.

Consider our one day contactless payment course or, for a more comprehensive study, SCIL EMV Academy’s three day “the Fundamentals”  – a Contactless, EMV and Mobile/NFC Payment Fundamentals workshop. Click HERE to see a list of our upcoming courses.