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The global card payment industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, reshaping the way businesses and consumers interact.  EMV chip and pin technology provides security, cost and convenience for the Canadian and U.S. banking and payment sectors, offering the consumer a safer and more rewarding shopping experience.

The U.S. based SCIL EMV•Academy™ offers a broad range of credit and debit card payment solutions and workshops. In addition, the SCIL EMV•Academy offers expertise in EMV based Chip and PIN Instant Card Issuance, MasterCard and VISA Certified EMV training, test tools, pre-paid cards, payment processing, e-banking solutions, fraud solutions and decision management, integrated testing products, terminal/card kernel, and loyalty solutions.

The SCIL EMVAcademy partner products are developed in compliance with the respective International Card Specifications EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, EPCA and MULTOS.

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