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SCIL  was founded by a group of payment industry veterans. Its primary goal is to support the U.S. banking and payment industry’s migration to the new more secure EMV based chip technology. To achieve this goal, SCIL provides issuers, acquirers and payment vendors with high quality EMV, Mobile NFC and contactless consultancy, education and training. Its industry leading EMV migration consultancy includes access to and understanding of the latest EMV technologies in the global payments marketplace.

SCIL is actively involved in collaborating with key U.S. industry humorous persuasive speech topics associations and payments stakeholders to facilitate migration to EMV in the USA. Our MD and CTO serves on the EMV Migration Forum Board and we serve on various technical sub committees designed to tackle and overcome challenges to a seamless EMV migration.

To get information to to schedule a public or private EMV, contactless, mobile or NFC workshop e-mail or call Program Director Mansour Karimzedah at 516-338-8880.

With extensive experience of EMV migration, SCIL is well positioned to provide the subject matter and expert support for its clients. This experience has been gained in Canada, Europe, Great Britain, the Middle East, South Africa and the USA working with Banks, Financial Institutions, Card Schemes and Associations.

Our overall approach to providing consulting support is based on our proprietary QuickSmart™ methodology, and our new QuickStart™ EMV product platform are designed to meet each client’s specific EMV migration project requirements.
The purpose of the methodology and solutions is to provide a logical process to guide card issuers, acquirers and processors through the EMV migration program.


SCIL and its experienced staff have a proven track record in the field:

We represent the entire payments ecosystem – issuers, acquirers, merchants, vendors etc. We have completed more than 42 EMV project implementations worldwide. The following is a sampling of our clients and staff shredded memory foam pillow with bamboo cover by coop home experience – issuers, acquires and vendors:

• American Express
• U.S. Bank
• Zebra Technologies
• REV Worldwide
• ViVoTech
• Hypercom
• Ingenico
• Key Innovations
• Way Systems
• Semtek
• Paragon Systems
• Interac
• Leumi Cards
• Lloyds TSB
• Banamex
• Bancomer
• Amex

Other Projects:

• Chase Manhattan Bank
• AT&T Universal Cards (Now Citi)
• Discover
• MasterCard
• Visa
• NatWest
• Midland Bank/HSBC

SCIL and its staff have covered a lot of ground. This includes introductory one-day EMV workshops, 3-5 day deep technical payment fundamentals as well as EMV and non-EMV payment consultancy projects involving EMV Migration assessments, development of strategic roadmaps and their implementation.

Our EMV Consultants and Partners have provided services to major Financial Institutions, Card Schemes, Processors, Retailers, Loyalty Providers, Mobile Vendors, Travel Companies, Oil Companies and Telecommunications Providers – as follows:

• Project Management – Project Planning, Development, Integration, Testing and Delivery
• Strategic Technical and Business Investigations
• Card Fraud Investigation
• Card and Payment Business Marketing Plans
• On-going Technical Review of Card and EFT Systems
• Card Launch Project Definition and Management
• Loyalty Applications definitions and Integration
• EMV Smart Card Developments in all Market Sectors
• Secure Electronic Commerce Applications
• ATM and Eftpos Networks Migration
• Acquiring and Fraud Systems Migration Planning
• Card and Application Management Systems – definition, development and implementation. Including TSM and OTA for Mobile systems
• ACH Clearing Systems and the International Payment systems


Our two main offices are in Los Angeles, California and our HQ in Long Island, NYC. In addition, we have staff and associates in London, UK, Toronto, Canada, Dubai, UAE and San Paolo, Brazil.

In addition to our core Quickstart™ product platform and Quicksmart™ methodology we offer an extensive, year round EMV training workshop schedule. Our workshops are public, offered online, and private customized workshops delivered on site. Some of our most recent clients include American Express, US Bank, Co-op Financial, Chevron and PMC.

For more information on our workshops check out our EMV training section HERE

To get information to to schedule a public or private EMV, contactless, mobile or NFC workshop e-mail or call Program Director Mansour Karimzedah at 516-338-8880.