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The SCIL EMV•Academy™ provides EMV based training workshops that cover the latest trends and best practices in global payments. Much of the SCIL EMV•Academy’s expertise and knowledge is generated from the field working with acquirers, issuers, merchants and payment technology vendors around the world. This unique knowledge base is applied throughout each EMV workshop.

SCIL EMV•Academy training guarantees that the technology you work with is reliable, fully compliant and designed to meet your requirements. Besides offering an array of custom training courses, the SCIL EMV•Academy helps issuers, acquirers, merchants and others make informed decisions about new technologies and processes in the world of payments.

Our instructors apply up to the minute technology, documentation and knowledge to each workshop coupled with demonstrations of the latest industry solutions.

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To schedule a public or private EMV, contactless, mobile or NFC workshop e-mail or call Program Director Mansour Karimzedah at 516-338-8880.