SCIL provides a comprehensive set of tools and utilities to help test, certify and operate an EMV infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

EMV Simulator (ESIM) features:


  • ·Ease of deployment – ESim is fast to configure, deploy and execute.
  •  Ease of use – Simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for specialists.
  •  High performance – ESim supports up to 2000 TPS for stress testing and benchmarking.
  •  Modular- Many standard retail transaction formats are supported and new standards are constantly added.
  •  Customizable – New formats and functionalities are easily integrated and maintained efficiently and cost-effectively.
  •  Market advantage – ESim takes the strain out of testing and enables modern fast moving companies to compete in their ever changing business environments.

ESim consists of four modules: Source, Host, HSM simulator and See EMV:


  •  ESim Source generates a continuous transaction feed, including high Transactions Per Second (TPS) throughput for regression and stress testing switches and/or back office systems. It provides extensive reporting and statistical information, for further analysis.
  •  ESim Host responds to a wide range of transaction requests. This is useful for terminal firmware developers or where a high volume upstream entity emulation is required.
  •  ESim HSM provides a non-hardware based TCP/IP simulation of the Thales Hardware Security Module which reduces the complexity and expense during development and testing of payment system.
  •  ESeeEMV provides a visual representation of the steps involved in an EMV transaction, viewed primarily from the terminal perspective. SeeEMV can process a transaction one step at a time, in a step by step mode or to any number of configurable breakpoints. Supports both contact (EMV 4.x) and Contactless Comm Protocol 2.1. The SeeEMV package contains 2 contact and 2 contactless test cards and the HID Omnikey 5321 – dual interface contactless and contact smart card reader.