SMARTCON is a brazilian company, founded in 2004, pioneer in electronic payments’ product developing according to the EMV(Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standards, the main electronic payment standards in the world.

Innovation in our DNA

SMARTCON was the first brazilian company to develop an independent EMV application for smart cards, the first to have a truly multi-platform independent EMV application (SMARTCON supports both MULTOS and JavaCard, the two main platforms in the smart card market), the first brazilian company that certified an EMV software in EMVCo. (the consortium that defines EMV specifications) and the first brazilian company to implement a full-grade EMV authorizer.

Own technology

Differently from other companies that act just as distributors of foreing technology, SMARTCON acts in the three main areas of an EMV transaction – card, terminal and authorizer – developing its own technology in the whole EMV cicle.

International recognition

SMARTCON has been regularly invited as a speaker in the main events of the smart card industry over the world: several editions of CARTES (France), CardWare (Canada), CardTech SecurTech (US), CARDS (Brazil), CLAB (Guatemala), MasterCard OneSmart (Taiwan),  SCALA (Panama) and MULTOS World Series (UK).