Q-Card™ and its sister company, Brush Industries® are two of the most trusted names in the card transaction market. They use their broad range of expertise in magnetic heads, magstripe and chip cards, readers, and product development to make your products and systems more reliable. 

Q-Card products include the popular Mag3x magstripe analyzers, card flex, impact and opacity testers, smartcard analyzers,  chip and magstripe test cards, secondary reference cards (formerly PTB cards) and magnetic developers.

Q-Laboratories provides the industry with the leading resource for 3rd party card and ticket testing, card reader testing, product development and onsite consulting.

Brush Industries manufactures extremely durable magnetic heads for virtually all transaction systems in the world, including ATM, MICR, access control and POS applications. Magnetic head manufacturing capacity is in the millions.

Brush is also the OEM magnetic head manufacturer on most major transit systems worldwide. Transit authorities can now buy direct and save money.

Brush Industries designed and manufactures DigiHead™ magnetic heads with built in F2F converters and the Elk brand of magstripe/chip card readers for extreme environments.