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Mobile banking is a growing business trend influenced by two factors: mobile broadband technology and smart card technology. Watchdata provides secure and convenient mobile NFC solutions in today’s rapidly changing financial services sector.

A leap into EMV and multi-application payment card

Watchdata is leveraging its track record in EMV to help facilitate the U.S. migration.  In August 2009, Singapore’s DBS bank, EZ-Link and Visa co-issued the first EMV payment card in Singapore that combines EMV, Visa payWave and transport, featuring in a single-chip smart card. The highly customized and flexible card uses Watchdata’s leading-edge technology approved by Visa for Visa Smart Debit Credit (VSDC) and payWave. The card also supports the Standard for Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS) offering better convenience and more options for consumers in making cashless payments. This card uses most advanced smart card security standards available, ensuring reliability and accuracy in identifying each payment transaction when in close proximity with the card readers.

Watchdata is also dedicated to EMV’s non-card form factor (NCFF). Among all its innovative products, Watchdata’s SIMpass™ mobile payment solution and URpass™ are some of the highlights that provide convergence of different sectors that include banking, retail, transit, mobile telecom. In the near future, SIMpass™ and URpass™ can be equipped with EMV functionalities that transform it into a NCFF bankcard.

To learn more about Watchdata’s Mobile NFC and EMV solutions call Stewart Chalmers, at 818-681-3588. Or email Stew at