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Based in Miami, Florida, CIM USA offers a broad array of card personalization solutions to the global payment industry. CIM offers industry leading metal plate marking systems for industrial product marking and traceability as well as its proven solutions for low to high volume credit card issuance and plastic card printing.

CIM solutions incorporate technologies such as – thermal printing, embossing, front and rear indent, contact and contactless chip encoding, card matching and affixing.

CIM’s EMV financial card personalization solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of service bureaus and financial institutions alike as U.S. and Canada migrate to EMV chip and pin technology.

CIM USA offers significant value to U.S. based EMV card personalizes and issuers by offering a proven personalization hardware platform, and through its SmatSoft developed Palmaris Instant Issuance software –  a cutting-edge, flexible and cost-effective EMV issuance software solution. CIM solutions are open, with no ‘black box’ approach, which offers customers a completely scalable platform at a very competitive price point.

To learn more about CIM USA card personalization solutions call Stewart Chalmers at 818-681-3588 or Email Stew at