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ICC Solution is recognized as a global leader of unique contact and contactless test solutions. ICC operates offices in the UK, United States, North America, Dubai and Singapore. Its ICCSim portfolio is used worldwide by the Payment Schemes, Terminal and Card Vendors, Test Laboratories, Acquiring Banks and Merchants.

The ICCSim portfolio comprises an extensive range of industry recognized test solutions fully approved for certification and type approvals covering the functional and application level testing of contact and contactless Cards and Devices (POS and ATM) plus customized Acquirer – Merchant Certification packages. ICC Solutions Limited is the only test tool provider able to offer a complete set of fully qualified test scripts for all formal Payment Association certifications – INTERAC (Contact and Flash); M-TIP, PayPass (subsets 6 & 8) and NIV (subsets 3 & 5) for MasterCard; Visa ADVT and ADVT qVSDC Device Module plus Visa Contactless VCPS (qVSDC and MSD), EMV Level 2 and Entry Point (Books A & B) application development, debug and type approval. Fully certified card test packages are also available for INTERAC (Contact and Contactless), VSDC, VGP, Visa Contactless and GlobalPlatform.

To learn more about ICC Solutions CLICK HERE or call Stewart Chalmers at SCIL EMV Academy 818-681-3588 or email