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SCIL services are a major part of the complete solutions we offer to our clients. Our services are based on our combined years of hands-on experience with leading edge solutions.

We specialize in credit, debit and EMV smart card system implementations for financial institutions, payment systems design/analysis/recommendations and project management. In addition, we provide complete training workshops for EMV standards and project implementations. In addition to EMV, we have in-house expertise on smart card based Healthcare and Transportation solutions

SCIL has consultants that rank among the leaders in all areas of the payments business, specializing in smart card transaction processing and host systems. We pride ourselves on the experience and professionalism of our consultants who consistently deliver high alue and return of investment to our customers. Our consultants when teamed up with the clients’ own staff enable organizations to move beyond regular activities to deliver innovative solutions for their businesses during a time of disruptive changes within the payments industry.

Our consulting areas of interest are:

  • EMV Systems
  • Payment System Strategy
  • Mobile Payments
  • Healthcare
  • Transit

The range of services provided by SCIL help deliver solutions that include:

  • Marketing
  • Review and Analysis of legacy systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Impact Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Systems Architecture & Design
  • Systems Delivery & Implementation
  • Training Workshops
  • Systems Integration
  • IT Resource provision