EMV Roadshow

What is EMV and how to be ready in time?

This one day course describes the EMV based payments from compliance, standards and certification processes to successful EMV migration steps.  It is one of our most popular courses and is and especially useful starting point to understanding EMV and how it fits into the payments ecosystem.

The course covers EMV standards, EMV testing, compliance, certification, and related topics that are of relevance to stakeholders getting ready for the liability shift date. In addition the following topics will be discussed: PIN management, transaction routing, communication protocols, cardholder verification, message flows, and scripts; as well as business issues such as upgrade/replace decisions and migration strategies for various components.

Course Outline:

Standard Payment Systems Model

International Payment Schemes/Associations

Existing Magnetic Stripe Technologies

EMV Technology & Standards Overview

EMV Impacts on Payment Systems Components

Added value by implementing Chip Technology

Lessons learned from other migrations (Stakeholders, Budgets, potential delays …etc.)

EMV migration steps:  Best practices for moving forward


Who Should Attend?

C-Level Executives, CEO, CFO, COO

Business managers, Business Development

Sales & Marketing

Product Development & Marketing


IT and operations

EMV coordinators


Each Attendee Will Receive:

A full EMV Analyzer kit, that includes a test card, a reader and a limited license software package that will enable a real transaction to be processed and analyzed.


Course Dates:

      • September 21 – Minneapolis MN
      • September 22 – Omaha NE
      • September 23 – Oklahoma City OK
      • September 24 – Little Rock AK
      • September 25 – New York NY
      • September 28 – Dallas TX
      • September 29 – Seattle WA
      • September 30- San Jose CA
      • October 1 – Los Angeles CA
      • October 2 – Phoenix AZ