EMV for Merchants & Acquirers – WEBINAR

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10:30 a.m – 11:30 a.m EST

Designed for Merchants, ISOs, Agents and Acquirers, this course provides an overview of the fundamentals of EMV and the impact of its rollout in the US markets.  During this 90 minute webinar you and your team will be introduced to the history of EMV, the reasoning behind EMV adoption, the current timelines associated with the US rollout, and the basic security and communication protocols associated with both contact and contactless EMV.  This course will provide you with a taste of the EMV eco-system, from smartcard creation through to processor acceptance and will leave you with an appreciation for the size and scope of this pending rollout as well as a set of planning tools to help you strategically position your company and your merchants for widespread EMV acceptance.


Sales, Marketing, Product Marketing/Management, Key Executives, Customer Support Reps, and anyone else looking to become conversant in the current state of EMV in the US.


1. What is EMV

2. The Basic Elements of an EMV Eco-system

3. Where did EMV Come From

4. How is EMV Deployed

a. End to End

b. for Acquiring side

5. What is the Transaction Flow for EMV

6. How Does EMV Affect:

            a. Consumers

            b. Merchants

            c. Acquirers/ISOs

            d. Processors

7. Encryption Overview

8. What Certification is Needed

9. How is PCI/PA-DSS Affected by EMV

10. Mobile/Contactless and EMV

11. Migration Strategy for EMV in the US

12. How SCIL EMV Academy Can Help You